9 Common Carpet Defects

A carpet is durable and is expected to last many years. However, it is also prone to damage especially when it’s not properly cleaned and taken care of. You should be able to identify non-manufacturer defects so you would know how to fix them. In this article, we will be sharing with you some of these defects.  

Carpet Defects 

Carpet Matting and Crushing 

This defect refers to the untwisting and loss of pile thickness in the fibers of the carpet. This is because of improper vacuuming, heavy food traffic and improper cleaning. A professional Keller carpet cleaning services can improve the condition of your carpet.  

Wear and Tear 

A natural defect the carpet will experience is wear and tear. Wear is described as the loss of weight and pile fiber of the carpet. Most carpet manufacturers have 10 year warranty so you can ask your dealers about that. The wear can change, which depends on the type of carpet you install. You can avoid early wear by properly caring for it and maintaining it.  


Depressions and indentations are caused by permanent marks left by heavy furniture. If the furniture is always moving, there would be more indentations on your carpet. To avoid this, use glides under the furniture’s legs. Also, avoid moving the furniture all the time.  

Fading and Color Loss 

Another carpet defect that is obvious is the fading of the carpet’s colors. The color can fade under direct sunlight. If inappropriate cleaning agents are also used it can also cause colors to fade out. So it’s important to buy a carpet that is fade resistant.  

Filtration Soiling 

The surface of the carpet experiences gray or dark lines. We call them as filtration soiling which is caused by poor ventilation system. To solve this problem, you will need the expertise of a professional carpet cleaner.  

Buckles or Ripples 

Every carpet is exposed to moisture, whatever type it is. If exposed to moisture, it will have reaction. After a wet clean, synthetic carpets experienced buckling or rippling. If this happens during a professional cleaning, it’s a case of over-wetting and not the cleaner’s fault. If this happens, you should contact a carpet repairer so this problem won’t persist.  


Browning of the carpet refers to the yellowish discoloration appears after it went over-wet cleaning process. This is a natural reaction of the carpet, since they contain cellulosic matter that breaks down as it ages. Make sure that if you hire a professional carpet cleaner, a fast-drying procedure should be applied.  


When substance, whatever it is, seeps through the under pad or backing material, it gets trapped there. Cleaning the carpet stain only cleans the top layer of that stain. You did not clean out the stain completely. This can be solved by using a hot water extraction system performed by a professional.  

Pile Reversal 

If you press down the carpet in different directions, it will cause pile reversal so the carpet making it look lighter or darker. It will occur to any type of carpets. This is a natural evolution, so you can’t really stop it.  


Auto Tinting: Practical or Not?

Tinting car windows have become a normal practice for car owner nowadays because of two main reasons. First is for aesthetic purposes and secondly is for practical porpuses. But most people have their cars tinted because of its practical purposes. There are three main benefits of having your tinted. First is that tinted windows can provide you with a much-needed privacy. Almost all of the time cars are left in public areas wherein just anyone can gain approach your car. Not all people have good intentions and some may even be burglars or thieves. These type of people are always looking for an easy and quick ways of making money and if they see that your car have valuables in them then will likely break into your car and st4eal from you. However, if your car is tinted then they would not likely break into your car because they have no assurance that your car contains any thing that can be stolen.  

 Auto Tinting

The second reason is for safety purposes. Car tinting can actually hold broken pieces of glass together. Therefore, in accidents glass will not be able to harm the driver or the passengers since the tints will not allow broken pieces of glass to become airborne. The third and final reason is that its ability to preserve the car’s interior. The tints in windows do not allow too much sunlight to pass through thus significantly decreasing the heat inside your car compared to the cars without tints. Decreased heat means that the color of your interior will not likely fade faster and that the quality and the lifespan of the exterior will become significantly longer. These benefits are likely the reason why there is an increase in tinted cars.  

Tinting windows can be done in two ways. One is that you can do it yourself and second is to have professionals do it for you. The first option will save you a lot of money. However, it is not highly recommended not unless you have an extended knowledge and practical skills that are required to do the job. However, if you are not confident that your knowledge and skills are enough to do it yourself then you can always choose to have a professional shop tint your car for you.  

However, before you send your car to a tinting shop you must first make sure that the shop fits certain criteria. The first thing that you have to do, is asking your family, friends or neighbors about the local auto tinting shops. You can ask their opinion about certain shops and you can proceed from there. After creating a short list, you can do your own research and visit websites such as, in order to know more about auto tinting or the shop itself. After your research, you can still do an ocular inspection. Visit the shops can observe their tinting process. You can then choose the tinting shop according to this standard.